Pleated Blinds

Pleated Blinds are becoming increasingly popular. Once relegated to Conservatories, a new wave of fabrics and designs have bought them bang up to date.

They are very versatile, they can either be fitted to pull up from the bottom of the window, allowing privacy and maintaining light, or in the traditional way.

There are 2 types available, traditional single pleat or honeycomb and both come in a wide variety of colours and patterns

Traditional Single Pleat fabrics often come with a solar reflective coatings on the back. This is designed to reflect back the heat from the sun and keep the room cooler.

Honeycomb fabrics have a cellular structure that insulates by creating an air gap.

Pleated Blinds using Blackout Honecomb fabrics are fantastic in Bedrooms as they fit snuggly to the wall, cutting out most of the light.

Child Safety has also been thought of with Tensioned or Cordless systems available, making this type of blind  universally practical

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